Tigase Message Archiving Component

Tigase Team

Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. Announcement
Major changes
Database schema changes
New features
Support for Message Archive Management protocol
Support for using separate database for different domains
3. Additional features
Querying in all messages
Querying by part of message body
Example query requests
Querying by tags
Querying/retrieving list of messages or collections
Retrieving list of tags used by user starting with some text
Automatic archivization of MUC messages
4. Database
Preparation of database
Upgrade of database schema
Schema description
Table tig_ma_jids
Table tig_ma_msgs
Table tig_ma_tags
Table tig_ma_msgs_tags
5. Configuration
Support for XEP-0136
Support for MAM
Setting default value of archiving level for message on a server
Setting required value of archiving level for messages on a server
Enabling support for tags
Saving Options
Configuration of automatic archivization of MUC messages
Configuration of automatic removal of old messages
Configuration of number of days in VHost
Using separate store for archived messages
6. Usage
XEP-0136 Field Values
Manual Activation
7. Limitations