Tigase PubSub Component

Tigase Team

Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. Announcement
Major changes
Database schema changes
Changes in REST API
New features
Support for using separate database for different domains
Support for MAM
3. Database
Preparation of database
Upgrade of database schema
Schema description
Table tig_pubsub_service_jids
Table tig_pubsub_jids
Table tig_pubsub_nodes
Table tig_pubsub_affiliations
Table tig_pubsub_subscriptions
Table tig_pubsub_items
4. Configuration
Using separate store
Enabling PEP support
Enabling REST API
Changing nodes cache size
Enable sending last published item on presence
Tune handling of low memory
Disable automatic subscription of node creator
5. Features
AdHoc Commands
Create a Node
Delete a Node
Subscribe to a Node
Unsubscribe to a Node
Publish an item to a Node
PubSub Node Presence Protocol
Log in to Pubsub Node
Log out from PubSub Node
Retrieving list of all Node Subscribers
Offline Message Sink
Create a node
Delete a node
Subscribe to a node
Unsubscribe from a node
Publish an item to a node
Delete an item from a node
List available nodes
List published items on node
Retrieve item published on node
Retrieve user subscriptions
6. Limitations