Cluster Node Shutdown Changes

Starting with Tigase XMPP Server 8.0.0, users connected on clustered nodes will be able use a see-other-host strategy when a node is being shutdown. Note: This may not be compatible with all clients. The Ad-hoc command is designed for a graceful shutdown of cluster nodes as a groovy script Shutdown.groovy. This script also allows for the -timeout setting which will delay shutdown of the node, and alert all users (via a headline message) that the server will be shutdown after a time. User clients that are compatible with the command will then detect other connected clusters and maintain their connections.

If the command is being sent to shut down the whole cluster, no see-other-host implementation will be sent, however timeout settings may still be used.

The script may be activated by an ad-hoc command, or sent using REST from remote or Tigase Admin UI.