Spam Protection

Tigase XMPP Server v8.0.0 now includes some efforts to prevent spam bot accounts from running on servers.

Account Registration Limits Expanded

Account registration limits have been expanded and now you can set separate counters, or configure components individually for their own limits. Visit this section for configuration details.

Accounts created using in-band registration now will use confirmation E-mail

In an effort to create a more secure method for implementing JabberIqRegister Tigase XMPP Server will now require the use of a confirmation E-mail by default in the process. The E-mail must be valid, and accounts will be made into pending status until a user clicks the generated URI in the E-mail and activates the account. This is a plugin and must be enabled in the config.tdsl file by using the following code:

'account-registration-email-validator'() {}
Further Spam prevention

Tigase-spam component is now in dist-max distribution package, and has a number of features described here in this section.